Sunday, April 20, 2008

What sorts of things should we try to do in this forum?

A central aim of this blog, at least as I see it at this moment, is to promote matters that are of interest to those philosophers who maintain significant contact with mathematics or the sciences (natural, social, or artificial), either by way of the methods that they employ or the questions that they attempt to address. Within "mainstream" areas of philosophy one can point to several lively blogs that, among other things, serve as a place to do philosophy of that sort. Can blogging offer something comparable to the areas of philosophy that are of particular concern here?

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Jeff Helzner said...

Even if doing philosophy proves to be difficult in this context, and it is not clear to me that this is so, there remain several activities that could serve the stated objectives: announcing conferences and publications, sharing course information or materials, discussing some of the challenges involved in teaching courses in more technical areas of philosophy, and discussing the nature of these more technical areas of philosophy (e.g. defining characteristics and relationships with mainstream areas of philosophy).