Sunday, September 7, 2008

Epistemology: 5 Questions

Vincent F. Hendricks and Duncan Pritchard have edited an interesting  new volume of the series 5 Questions which this time focuses on epistemology.  The list of invitees is eclectic and inclusive:  Arló-Costa, Artemov, Baltag, van Benthem, Bovens, Code, Dretske, Engel, Fogelin, Fumerton, Glymour, Goldman, Hájek, Halpern, Hansson, Hintikka, van der Hoek, Kelly, Kornbilth, Kusch, Kvanvig, Levi, Parikh, Pollock, Segerberg, Sosa, Spohn, Williamson, and Zagzebski.  

I have not received the book yet, but I already read some of the essays of the book and they seem really interesting. I am looking forward to reading the entire book.  This is an exciting and transformative moment for epistemology and the volume seems to capture much of the feeling of renewal that permeates  work of in the field today. 

Some reviews are already available:

Think of knowledge as a primitive concept, the dynamics of belief, reliable inquiry, social judgment.  Think of mainstream epistemology, formal epistemology, scientific epistemology. Think of philosophy crossing with computer science, logic, psychology, sociology.  Think of some of the main figures in these fields.  Think of a lot of fun. Don't think twice: It's "Epistemology 5 Questions."  Hannes Leitgeb, University of Bristol.

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