Monday, July 27, 2009

The latest issue of The Reasoner is available ...

... here.

Here is what you will find in this issue:

"Editorial - Matteo Morganti
Interview with Wolfgang Spohn - Matteo Morganti
Book: Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence - Iyad Rahwan
Journal: Dialogue and Discourse - David Schlangen
Conditionals, 11 May - Matthias Unterhuber
Argument cultures, 3-6 June - Hans V. Hansen, Christopher W. Tindale, J. Anthony Blair &
Ralph H. Johnson
Aim of belief, 11-13 June - Timothy Chan
Arche Scepticism Conference, 13-14 June - Dylan Dodd
Non-classical Mathematics, 18-22 June - Petr Cintula & Greg Restall
Consciousness and the Self, 25 June - Mary Leng and Stephen McLeod
Strategies-I, 26 June - Soumya Paul
Multiplicity and Unification in Statistics and Probability, 25-26 June - Sami Stouli
Knowledge Discovery from Uncertain Data, 28 June - Ming Hua
Two Streams in the Philosophy of Mathematics: Rival Conceptions of Mathematical Proof,
1-3 July - Brendan Larvor
European Epistemology Network, 4-5 July - Christoph Kelp
Beyond Classical Bayesian Estimation Theory, 6-9 July - Vesa Klumpp & Uwe D. Hanebeck
Converging Technologies, Changing Societies, 7-10 July - Katinka Waelbers
Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications, 14-18 July - Matthias Troffaes & Frank
Logic and Rational Interaction - Olivier Roy
Chrysippus - Andrew Aberdein
Logical Foundations of Probability, Rudolf Carnap - Jan-Willem Romeijn

The Reasoner ( is a monthly digest highlighting exciting
new research on reasoning, inference and method broadly construed. It is
covering research in, e.g., philosophy, logic, AI, statistics, cognitive science,
law, psychology, mathematics and the sciences.

The Reasoner welcomes submissions:
- Submitted articles (100-1000 words)
- Submitted items of news
- Letters
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Jon Williamson, Editor
Federica Russo, Features Editor
Lorenzo Casini, News Editor"

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